Solar Gem Greenhouses

"We Brighten Up Your Cloudy Days"

Greenhouse pic

The Easiest Way To Garden All Year Long!

Exclusive Gel-Coat Finish
One-Piece Construction
Light weight, Super Strong, Easy to Move
Automatic Ventilation
No cooling system required
Never over heats in the summer
Easy to heat in the winter
Costs less to heat than double wall glass or plastic
Easy Maintenance
No framework or panels to worry about
No moss, fungus or mildew build-up
Cleans with a garden hose
No Foundation Required
Simply trench the built-in foundation lip 3 inches in the
ground or use as an anchor point on existing deck or
cement slab
Perfect Light Transmission
No shade cloths or sun screens required
No additional light source required on cloudy days
Never burns your plants
Plants are protected from harsh ultraviolet rays

Solar Gem Greenhouses
1602 Clearbrook Drive S.E.
Lacey, Washington 98503
1-800-370-3459 or 1-800-371-4271